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Comfy Star-Surfing
Photos, videos, fan fiction
and AI secretary

  • Home>Fan Club>NOW!

    Enjoy trendy news of fan clubs translated
    into multilingual languages.

  • Home>Fan Club> Story

    Share and save information of your artist .

    Learn More about Story>
  • Home>Fan Club>Manager

    The AI General Manager supports a smart fan club.


Comfy Star-Surfing
AI translation is
provided to support
real time communication
through messengers 🌎

  • Home>Conversation

    Chat service with multilingual translation is
    available for worldwide fans. You too, can
    participate in translation!

    used translation>

Comfy Star-Surfing Rumors no more,
official channels
only 📣

Forget the days of past rumors. Partnerships with entertainment
agencies and content providers provide you with exciting and
informative news.

Channel Partnership Inquiry>

Exciting Star-Surfing
My artist’s
REAL life💃
How to enjoy live video>

  • Home>Live Video

    Enjoy the live streaming of your artist!
    AR stickers add more fun.

  • Home>Live Video>V-Commerce

    Want to know what the artists are wearing?
    Go ahead and purchase the product by one simple
    click of the link shared by the artist!

Exciting Star-Surfing
Sing your favorite music🎤

Unique Star-Surfing
Support and push
your artist every day🤟

  • Home>Fanboard Chart

    Join fans from all over the world to
    participate in fan club activities. The activity
    level is recorded on the fanboard chart and
    later ranks fan clubs.

  • Fanboard Chart Algorithm

    FNS provides fanboard charts that analyze
    the number of fan clubs and members,
    and the data collected from the latest
    music charts with big data to index and
    generate ranking charts

Unique Star-Surfing
that are nowhere
to be found 🎈

  • Home>Fan Club>Shop

    Create and customize your own goods
    and sell them! Everything is prepared
    at the FNS fan shop

Your one and
only Goods created
by fans are prepared
at FNS

Unique Star-Surfing
The more deok
-jil you do, the
heavier your
wallet becomes💸

FNS provides more fan activities than anywhere else due to the blockchain
technology. All my postings, fandom activities will be rewarded through
Honor. You can exchange Honor for gold, and exchange the gold to a coin.

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